March 24 Update: Our Governor (Indiana) has enacted a "stay-at-home" order and the closure of all non-essential businesses until April 7th.  We will be closed until that date at the earliest.


If you want to read our long rational of why, feel free. If not, these are the immediate things to know:

    • The Confetti Post is temporarily closed for accepting orders and will reopen at the earliest April 4th.
    • If you have already placed your order, it is in no way affected.
    • Customer service is still readily available. Feel free to reach out.
    • We are still working behind the scenes from home to better serve you.
    • Scroll to the end for a list of places to donate in someone's honor.

Dear Friends,

Here I am writing again, a week later. So much change in such a short amount of time. Today, I write to explain why I have made the decision to temporarily close The Confetti Post. This decision was the hardest business decision I have ever had to make, and my heart feels likes it has shattered into a million little pieces. Effective yesterday morning, March 21st, I have turned off the website for receiving new orders. This in no way affects any orders already placed unless you have already been contacted.

This decision was made out of an over-abundance of caution. I have been wrestling with it for many days, but a couple pieces of news proved the tipping point on Friday.

I have been completely overwhelmed the past week by your perseverance to spread happy in times of uncertainty, and in lieu of missed celebrations. This past week was by far our biggest sales week ever. And I have never been more proud of this little company. My heart and soul have been overjoyed to be there for you during this time.

 And not only for you, but for the vendors from which we source. I have been thanked profusely for continuing to place orders, have had other vendors who have been forced to temporarily close, and others who have had to temporarily lay off staff. It felt good to still be supporting the small businesses that we could. Really good to keep a small piece of the economy going.  I kept thinking, if I can keep doing this, we can keep supporting others who aren’t faring so well with our purchases, financial donations, and of course spreading happy with our Parties.

But alas, none of this is worth taking risks at such a vital time in our nation and world. Other states (and counties within our own state) have begun to close all non-essential businesses. It is tempting to keep going until the government forces it to happen, but I know the right thing to do is heed the advice, be proactive, and make the call today.

While it remains true that the science of sending and receiving mail proves extremely unlikely to spread viruses, we have to consider the postal workers who are sorting our packages and the extra strain to mail services at this time. I do not believe the three main mail carriers, specifically USPS with whom we utilize, have taken enough steps to protect their workers at this time. The Confetti Post is a tiny blip in their work haul, but I believe every non-essential decision we can make to not contribute makes a difference, and hopefully encourages others to make similar decisions.

And while we are not located in the states that are hardest hit and have imposed “shelter-in-place” restrictions, every day we have been shipping packages into those areas: California, New York, Illinois, and so on. It simply does not feel like the right call to continue to contribute to non-essential responsibilities in these regions either.

And here comes the personal part that made me know I had to follow my conscience that was already pushing me in internal conflict every day. COVID-19 is so new, and science tells us that it shows itself differently in infected individuals, sometimes without ever showing a single symptom. My daughter has had a cough for several days. No fever. Probably just a cold. Her five year old self is really good at catching colds. What do I do with that right now? I feel so uncertain.

Then on Friday, we received a letter from our county health department that the latest (and only 4th) confirmed COVID-19 case in our county was someone at my child’s elementary school and that we should “self-monitor” our children for symptoms for 14 days from the date schools closed. At this point, my husband and I made the decision to treat my daughter’s cough as we would if we knew she had COVID-19. Even though it is very likely that is not what it is. If the entire world is being brought to their knees over this virus and there are still so many unknowns, the least we can do is treat this cough seriously.  

We have taken extreme precautions at The Confetti Post and are probably one of the businesses least likely to spread viruses right now. (All three of us have been working separate shifts and following extreme hand-washing and disinfecting procedures.) But there could remain a small chance that by working in the same space, I could spread something to one of my team members unknowingly. Or to the postal worker who processes our packages after I drop them off. These are unlikely, but still real, possibilities.  And also, I remind you, we are a team of only three, all mothers of school aged children in a school system that is closed. Order volume has been so incredibly high, there is no way the other two could continue to meet the demand with one of us completely absent.

With all that, my family and I are in a self-imposed quarantine while we ride out our daughter’s mild illness and monitor its spread within our household. I have seen the way this virus is ravaging the world, and I want to do everything within my power to not add to it. I have one friend whose five year old daughter is in ICU (but doing well) with pneumonia. Testing is still so limited, she is not even being tested for COVID-19 after other things were ruled out.  And another friend who can’t help planning out her eight year old daughter’s funeral in her head. She has a compromised immune system and almost lost her life to a seasonal cold years ago. I in no way take their pain lightly.

Right now, we are closing for two weeks. I hope that in two weeks, our nation is able to make great strides in our testing capability and in providing the much needed medical supplies to our health care workers on the front lines. At that time we will reassess, and decide whether to resume our sending of happy packages.

In that time, we will not be sitting around idly here at The Confetti Post. We are working on compiling a list of ideas to help you still celebrate those you love while we are not shipping. I have also been sloooooowly working on an updated website to serve your needs better, and will use this time to hopefully make the final push to get that update live. My team members will still be receiving full pay during this time as well.

I share all of this with you because I value transparency. Also, I know we are all being faced with tough decisions every single day. I hope that by hashing out my thoughts and reasoning, it helps others reason out their own. Let’s heed the advice we are given if we can, and not wait to be forced into compliance. This is a time to work together for the greater good. The sooner we all start collective action, hopefully the sooner we can make it to the other side.

Right now, I am walking away from explosive growth within the company I created and love, walking away from delivering the service my customers want, and walking away from continuing to place orders from our vendors because if my decision to do so spares even a single life right now, it is worth it.

We are sending loads of sunshine out to you all right now!

With Big Love,

Leitia McHugh

Owner and Founder, The Confetti Post

P.S. As we brainstorm some ways you all can share the love right now, I will start by recommending some places to donate to during this worldwide crisis. This is a great time to donate the $20-80 you would be spending on a Confetti Post Party, in honor of someone’s birthday or other special occasion. Here are some ideas:

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