Rewards Program Info

Clubs we are dying to be apart of: Pizza Club, Ice Cream Club, Rainbow Club, Dance Club---CONFETTI CLUB.  Seriously, does it get much better?  We love how you send so much happy.  So we wanna spread some happy to you too.  Join the Confetti Club to start earning Party Points, and just be a part of something called the Confetti Club.  Promise, all your friends are gonna want in.

The Confetti Club is The Confetti Post's rewards system.  You do awesome things like send party packages, like us on social media, refer your friends, and leave reviews to earn PARTY POINTS.  We even give you points just for being born---obviously birthdays are our favorite. Then we reward you with CASH because we love you too, too much.

Join the Confetti Club

How's this work?

Simply sign up for an account.  This allows you to start earning points ASAP, plus makes checkout a breeze every time you shop.  That's it.  You are in the Club...and you earn PARTY POINTS just for signing up. 

To track your points, find out how to earn more, and redeem, just click on the "CONFETTI CLUB REWARDS" tab found at the bottom right of every page on our site.  This pop-up is where you always find everything you need to be a part of the club.  On mobile, access the pop-up via the footer.  

How do I earn party points?

  • Create a new store account AKA join the Confetti Club = +100 PARTY POINTS

  • Complete an online order: +3 PARTY POINTS for every dollar spent

  • Refer Friends = +300 PARTY POINTS per referral

  • Share your love for TCP on Facebook = +100 PARTY POINTS
  • Be born AKA birthday points= +200 PARTY POINTS on your birthday
  • Like @theconfettipost on Facebook = +25 Party Points
  • Follow @theconfettipost on Instagram = +50 PARTY POINTS
  • Leave a review: +150 PARTY POINTS

Start Earning Party Points

What can I do with my points?

Basically, we give you pure cash because we love you so much. Muah!

  • Earn 500 PARTY POINTS, receive a $5.00 credit.
  • Earn 1000 PARTY POINTS, receive a $10.00 credit.
  • Earn 2500 PARTY POINTS, receive a $25.00 credit.

How do I redeem points? 

When you are ready to redeem points, log into your online account and click the "CONFETTI CLUB REWARDS" link at the bottom right of any page to view your account balance. (Link also found in our footer on mobile.)  If you are eligible to redeem a reward, a button will appear on the Rewards tab.

Simply click redeem and you will be given a unique coupon code to be entered at checkout.  A copy of the unique one time coupon code will also be emailed to you.

Our favorite way to work the Confetti Club is to send a few parties to spread happy to your favorite people, refer some friends, then redeem those points to treat yourself.  You totally deserve it, you kind-hearted, happiness spreading soul.  

Redeem Party Points

How do I refer friends?

In the Confetti Club rewards widget, click refer friends.  Show your friend some love by giving them 10% off with your unique code.  Once they make a purchase, you get 300 PARTY POINTS.  You can refer friend after friend after friend to rack up loads of points.  Your friend MUST use your referral link for you to earn the points.  

Refer Friends

Things to note:

  1. PARTY POINTS are distributed to customers upon order shipment and completion.
  2. To receive birthday points, you must have your birth date entered at least 30 days prior
  3. To earn points for reviews, you must log in to your account before submitting the review.  Only one review per month, only for products you have purchased.  Points earned from reviews left via follow up email will be added manually.  Please allow 24 hours for these points to appear.  
  4. Confetti Club Rewards Program launch date is March 25, 2017. Any online purchases made on or after stated date are eligible for the program. Please note that we cannot combine accounts or award points for returned or cancelled purchases.
  5. Excludes taxes, discounts, and shipping. 
  6. Coupon codes cannot be combined. Only one coupon code may be used per purchase, and reward cannot be used with any other promotion..
  7. Social sharing points can only be rewarded once.  Of course, you love The Confetti Post so much, you will want to share more.  
  8. The Confetti Post reserves the right to change our Confetti Club rewards system at any time, although we will never steal your already earned points.  We do reserve the right to close accounts for fraud, but you would never do that.

Join the Confetti Club