Pinot Gris Wine Lollipops
Pinot Gris Wine Lollipops Pinot Gris Wine Candy

Pinot Gris lollipops. Say what?  Yep, the sweetest way to say “cheers.”  Made from Pinot Gris wine by Union Wine Company, with added notes of pear, grapefruit, and peach. 

Pinot Gris lollipops are made in Portland, OR by Quin Candy.  Each piece is molded by hand and made from real ingredients every step of the way.

Package contains 10 lollipops.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose, Union Wine Company Rose, vinegar, yeast, natural flavoring, citric acid

Please Note: This item is an add-on item for Original and Loaded parties only.  It CANNOT be added to a Teeny Party or be purchased independently. 

    $ 7.00