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10 Criteria for Sourcing Products for our Care Packages

Wondering how we choose the perfect products to put in The Confetti Post’s “party in a box” care packages?  This is the number one question I get asked from people about The Confetti Post, “Leitia, how do you find the products?”  My typical reply, “It’s complicated.” 

As anyone who has ever spent time putting together their own care package knows, it isn’t easy finding those perfect items for that special person. Add on all the high standards that I have set forth for The Confetti Post, and sometimes it feels like a game of Where’s Waldo.

Right now, I am in the thick of product sourcing as we have just released our holiday collection and are working really hard on expanding our product line after moving operations to a bigger space. Honestly, product sourcing and creating new themed gift packages is one of my favorite parts of running The Confetti Post. Right now feels like the right time to give you a little “behind the scenes” action on what this process looks like.

Putting together our mail order care packages for long distance birthdays, cheer ups, and more

In general, there is a set of about 10 criteria that I look for in new products for our “Parties:”


The Confetti Post is committed to doing business in a way that respects humans. So we start with a commitment to choosing products primarily from independent makers, those that are made under fair trade labor practices, and/or businesses that are committed to giving a portion of profit to charities we believe in or generally seeking to do good in the world.

That is the first test. Or series of tests depending on how you look at it.

How do we find those types of products you may ask? By diving deep into these various business communities, networking, walking through small shops when we travel, travelling down the Instagram rabbit trail, conducting Google searches, and browsing websites like Martha Stewart American Made, Etsy, NYNow, Fair Trade Federation, and more. Sometimes, it is all by chance.


I work extremely hard on the various themes of our packages. This is what makes them feel so special and personal. Every once in a while a golden product comes along and influences a theme for one of our gift packages. Then I work in other products around that golden product. More often, the theme idea comes first. Then I search deep for the perfect products to match that theme.

behind the scenes: choosing gifts for care packages


The Confetti Post is committed to providing an affordable way for people to gift. When was the last time you sent someone flowers or balloons? Last time I sent flowers, it cost $80 for the cheapest option!

At the Confetti Post, you can send a sweet gift starting at only $22.

For our Original packages, my goal is to keep them in the $50-60 range and include a minimum of three impactful gifts, confetti, balloon, awesome packaging, AND free shipping. That is a lot of goods for the price. However, seeking to source ethically made, high quality, great gifts and keep the price in this range is certainly challenging.


Our gifts have to fit in our packages. Plain and simple. Teeny Party boxes are 6 by 6 inches and Original Party boxes are 8 by 8 inches. Products have to be able to co-exist with other products within these dimensions.

At the same time, gifts also have to meet a bare minimum size to maximize the visual presentation. Stick three tiny lip balms in an 8 by 8 inch box, and you will quickly understand what I mean here.


Products have to look good in their packages. Branding must be top notch and cohesive with The Confetti Post brand. 

Part of the charm of The Confetti Post is that first moment you open your gift. You will be delighted and blown away at first glance. That is the power of presentation and well branded packaging. 


I don’t want you to be able to say “Ehh. I could go to [insert chain store name here] and make that myself.” I spend a lot of time researching and digging for original products that you won’t find just anywhere.


What is the point of getting a package and immediately thinking “This is cute, but I will never use anything in here?”

While you can never nail down the perfect product for someone every single time, I work really hard to find products that people will use and enjoy. I do not want items sitting around collecting dust or immediately hitting the Goodwill pile.

When looking at new products, I always ask myself, “Would I use this myself?” Often times, I actually end up sourcing products that I have already grown to love personally. I also spend a lot of time trying to include “consumable products.” Think food, body care products, or even notepads that will be put to work. I don’t choose knick-knacks and doilies that will get stuck taking up space on the shelf. 

Behind the scenes: choosing products for our party gift packages


Quality products are so important. Why would you want to send anything less than top quality as a gift to someone? In fact, all of the edible items go through rigorous taste testing. *wink**wink* In general, I don’t choose products I do not personally like. 

Seriously though, try the Mouth Party Caramels. The best caramels in the world. Hands down. 


We prefer to work with suppliers who are easy and enjoyable to work with. We want to work with businesses that care about and serve their customers at the same high standards we set for our customer relations here at The Confetti Post. 


There are so many wonderful, amazing products out there that can pass every other step on this list. But unfortunately, not everything travels safely through the mail. 

Glass, ceramic, and the like just don’t work easily in our care packages. Shelf life is a factor on edible products, and as much as we love chocolate, it just does not survive the summer months.

packing orders at The confetti Post
There you go. Now, hopefully you know how much work and dedication goes into choosing the most perfect products found in our “party in a box” care packages. You can trust that you are sending a whole lot of love and high quality gifts that the Party Person will be delighted to receive!

Cheers to you,

Leitia, The Confetti Post Founder

PS Are you loving the behind the scenes action photographed by the talented Ruth Yaro of Ruth Yaro Photography?  More "day in the life" action to come soon.

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