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The Confetti Post is no longer accepting online orders

Dear Friends, Thank you for the BEST eight years of sending happy. It has been such an honor to help you celebrate your people. Wishing you all the best. Feel free to reach out to us via email with any questions.

With Love, Leitia / Founder



The Confetti Post is a "party-themed" gift box company here to help you to send some happy. We specialize in birthdays, congratulations, cheer-ups, and employee appreciation. Our gift boxes (aka "Parties") are totally original and meant to encourage your favorite people to let loose and have fun!


Confetti post founder, Leitia McHugh pictured in headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Hi there! It’s me. Leitia. Lay-shuh. The confetti crazed, ice cream obsessed founder of The Confetti Post. The Confetti Post was born just after I had finished throwing my daughter’s first birthday party, and found myself already in plan mode for the next one. I love parties. Creating a theme, executing it, making the sweet treats, and most importantly the people. The laughter, the chance to forget worries for a while, the community, letting loose, dancing. Just overall fun that only a party can create. We all know life is busy, and it is so hard to celebrate with people especially in our increasingly mobile society.

Make way for parties in a box! Kind of like a care package, but a lot more fun and without all the work hopping from store to store to find the perfect items, buying a boring box, then fighting the lines at the post office. Parties in a box are a way to share my love of parties with everyone, and the best solution to brightening days and celebrating the people we care about even when miles separate us. I sent the very first, very rough prototype to my husband's grandma when we had to miss her birthday get together, and she loved, loved it. I thought, "All right, I have to help others celebrate the people they love too!"

Here at The Confetti Post, we put parties in a box to start the party for everyone, young and old, near and far. The perfect gift to put smiles on faces. Explore our carefully chosen themes and curated gift boxes for every occasion or choose your own gifts with Build Your Own "Party." Start the party for someone who deserves it!


We run on three tiers of happy:

Source Happy

We believe in transparency, ethical sourcing, and using our buying power to fuel good in the world. We believe small businesses are the heartbeat of any economy. They fuel creativity and diversity. Our products are a mix of handcrafted items made in-house and curated items from other makers. We make every effort to source all of our curated products and supplies from businesses that produce products that are made in the USA, high quality, fair trade, and/or small batch. Most of our products and supplies fall into one or more of those categories. Ethical sourcing and stewardship are always at the forefront of all of our decisions.

We always choose to work with small, independent makers to bring you the happiest gift packages found anywhere. Many of our makers also give a portion of profits to charity (like us!) and many also take every precaution to create products in a manner that respects the Earth. We love our partners!

Gift Happy

We believe everyone deserves to be celebrated, everyone deserves a break from the busy world, and everyone deserves to party a little. We pack as much happy into each care package as possible. We find the most unique products and form them perfectly around a theme so that they feel incredibly personal. This is the gift that immediately brings a smile to your face. It is a gift that everyone takes a picture of because it is just so darn fun. They can’t help but share it and shower the sender with thanks. 

We value playfulness and good old-fashioned snail mail. Life is downright hard sometimes. But life is too precious to stop celebrating. We believe in celebrating the people we love as often as possible. We believe in letting loose and being silly to enjoy life fully. We also believe in disconnecting from media and connecting in real life. But when miles separate us, good old-fashioned snail mail feels like the most personal way to connect. We like to say “we send smiles to doorsteps.” Because really, we do.


When we say everyone deserves a party, we mean it! 10% of all profit from The Confetti Post is donated to nonprofit organizations whose missions are to ensure every child's birthday is celebrated. Giving a portion of our profits is nonnegotiable in our hearts. We have partnered with The Confetti Foundation and Box of Balloons to spread party joy. 

The Confetti Foundation sends party in a box kits to children celebrating birthdays while hospitalized. They serve children in 37 States. Box of Balloons is on a mission to make each birthday happy and every child celebrated. They deliver complete parties in boxes to the parents and caregivers of families so they can throw a customized party for their child. Please take time to learn more about our partners by visiting their websites or clicking here. 

Our Team

Photo of four women holding a rainbow of ballooons agaist a yellow backdrop

Team Confetti Post is made up of four confetti and yellow loving rad ladies. Helping you send happy makes our hearts so happy!

  • Jaime // Fulfillment + Inventory Manager
  • Betsy // Fulfillment Manager
  • Leitia // CEO + Founder
  • Amy // Production + Media Manager

*Top photo by Ruth Yaro of Ruth Yaro Photography.