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Easy Homemade Confetti: Five Ways

We are all about throwing confetti here.  Obviously, right?  I did not even know I liked confetti until recently.  Something about tossing a handful in the air creates instant happiness.  Worries melt away.  Smiles take over your face.  Just from the simple act of letting loose, even for just a moment.

Here are five super quick and easy ways to make confetti, instantly and from the comfort of home.  Share your #confettiselfie with us on Facebook or Instagram.  We love to see you partying!

First, you will need to choose a material, or mix and match materials.  You probably already have most of these things lying around your house.

  • Colored cardstock or constuction paper
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scrap Paper/Trash
  • Ribbon
  • Christmas Tree Fringe/garland
  • Tissue Paper (Has the best float!)
  • Flower Petals

Next, pick a make method.  

1. Cut It: Strips

Fold your paper or tissue paper so you can cut several layers at a time.  Cut slits with scissors. Then cut in the opposite direction.  Mix up and you are ready to go.  This is the easiest way to quickly make confetti. Also, tissue paper is our go-to confetti material choice.  It catches air because of its light weight, and floats oh-so slowly making it great for photo ops!

cut tissue paper confetti stripstissue paper confetti strips


2. Cut It: Tiny

I used left over ribbon for this mix.  You can use any material to cut tiny confetti shapes. Try changing the angle of the scissors to create different shapes.  I love how this confetti looks, but it is slow going.  Also, the smaller you go, the harder the clean-up.

ribbonstiny ribbon confetti


3. Punch It

Use a paper punch to create circle confetti.  I love the way circles look!  This method works best with sturdier paper like card stock or construction paper.  Use a tiny hole punch, or slightly bigger craft punch.  

cardstock and hole punchhole punch confetti


4. Rip It

Quick and easy.  No tool needed.  Anyone can do it.  Rip paper into small pieces.  Simple as that.  

ripping paperripped confetti

5. Buy It:  Okay, okay.  I know it is not homemade.  But sometimes we need to have fun and throw confetti without any work.  No shame in picking the fun up from the store. 

Now that you have your confetti all made.  It is time to get tossin'.  Throw it in the air like you just don't care.  I dare you not to smile.  

fours ways to make handmade confetti


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  • This was really helpful. I am doing a Mexican tradition where you fill hollowed out egges with confetti and decorate the eggs. Then you walk ar ou and smashing them over people’s heads!really helpful!!


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