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Back to Hogwarts Inspired Care Packages

We are celebrating Back to Hogwarts Day here at The Confetti Post by putting our Build Your Own Party platform to the test. (September 1st in case you live under a rock.) We came up with a care package to send to your favorite witches and wizards to help them start off the year right!

Whether you’re arriving by Hogwarts Express, Knight Bus, or flying Ford Anglia; we hope all witches and wizards have a magical year as they go #BackToHogwarts. We put together a Party inspired by each house to help get you settled in the common rooms. Guaranteed to go over better than a Howler. Fingers crossed none of the treats get eaten in the owlery. 

Gryffindor Inspired Care Package_Back to Hogwarts Day_Build Your Own Gift Box

Gryffindors could light their inner fire with Cha-Cha Cookies to help when battling dragons, and channel Fred and George with an Emergency Clown Nose if they didn’t make it to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes while shopping in Diagon Alley. Red Wheel Playing Cards will give them something to do around the fire in the common room, and gift Cat Clips to Hermione in case her Crookshanks goes missing again.

Hufflepuff Inspired Care Package_Back to Hogwarts Day_Build Your Own Gift Box

Hufflepuffs of course gets an abundance of sweets to reflect their inner sweetness, a Recipe Passport to jot down all their kitchen adventures, and a Floral Pouch for sneaking all those treats into Herbology. Cedric Diggory probably would have enjoyed opening the Golden Egg even more with a Party Bath Bomb. Gumption and Grace Soap will reflect their strong work ethic and patience.

Slytherin Inspired Care Package_Back to Hogwarts Day_Build Your Own Gift Box

Slytherins will leave others wondering if they’re the Half Blood Prince with Royal Treatmint Tea, but affirm their Pureblood status with a Spinster Sisters Lemongrass Sage Soy Lotion Candle. A Black Keepsake Journal will be perfect in case they need to create a horcrux a la Tom Riddle. The Steel Gray Travel Mug is perfect for keeping warm Butterbeer closeby. Or for sneaking Firewhisky. Whichever.

Ravenclaw Inspired Care Package_Back to Hogwarts Day_Build Your Own Gift Box

Ravenclaws can wear their Constellation Necklace to Divination Class, and enter poetic musings and thoughtful sketches in their Blue Mountain Word Notebooks during less engaging classes (*cough*History of Magic*cough). Vietnamese Coffee will help them stay awake to read all the books, while Coastal Calm Body Butter will allow them to get the soothing vibes of the Lovegood homestead.

We gotta know, what Hogwarts House do you belong to?


Amy and Team Confetti Post

PS This is just us having fun. We do not offer official HP gifts---but we encourage you to let your imagination run wild with our Build Your Own Parties!

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