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Getting to Know Team Confetti Post: Meet Amy

Enjoy a fun Q and A to get to know our Production Coordinator, Amy Poole!

Q: You are multi-talented and have many functions here at The Confetti Post. What is included under the umbrella of your title?
A: I create our window displays, help manage inventory, confetti assemblage, Pinterest management, printer installer 😉, photographer, help prepare parties, and other duties as they come along.

Q: What is one thing that surprised you since starting to work here?
A: I’m surprised by quickly we go through certain products.

Q: Who are your people at home?
A: Jeff (husband), Ezra (7), Lucy (4), Simon (1)

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not party preppin’ here at The Confetti Post?
A: I like to read and eat treats and go on walks when it isn’t polar vortexing.

Q: Who is your “Follow Friday” on Social Media right now?
A: @annaistheworst – for social media marketing
@confessionsofamuslimmom – for social issues
@heyamberrae – for personal wellness

Q: Coffee or Tea?
A: Herbal tea

Q: If you could send one of our Parties to any celebrity, who would it be?
A: Chrissy Teigen [We’d definitely put together a fun, custom party for her!]

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
A: Teleportation! [Team Confetti Post all agrees this would be our answer.]

Q: What is your favorite Party that The Confetti Post offers?
A: The Spa Party because you can send it to someone for any occasion or just send it to yourself. [#treatyoself] For Teeny Parties, I really like Oh Happy Day!

Q: Since ice cream is our love language here at TCP, what is your favorite flavor?
A: Currently, it’s the Brookie Dough from Aldi. [Ed. Note: Amy is literally eating this during our interview.] My favorite ice cream of all time is Mexican Vanilla from Amy’s Ice Cream in Texas. I also love Bluebell Cotton Candy. I love anything that has brownie pieces in it.

Q: Where have you lived?
A: I grew up in Arcola but have lived in Idaho, New York, Nebraska, Iowa.

Q: What is your enneagram type?
A: 2 with a 1 wing [Who else is devouring all things enneagram?]

Q: To which house of Hogwarts do you belong?
A: Hufflepuff [Let the record show, she answered before I even finished the question.]

Q: To borrow a question from Barbara Brown Taylor, what is saving your life right now?
A: Working outside of my home two days a week. Also, my Rx. [Yay mental health and self-care!]

Q: What podcasts are you digging right now?
A: “Terrible, Thanks for Asking,” “The Hilarious World of Depression,” “Simple Pin Media,” and “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

Q: You’re a Disneyphile, sooo …
A: Belle is my favorite Princess. My favorite treat is a Dole Whip. My favorite ride is Small World. My favorite park is Epcot. My favorite bathroom at Disney World is the Rapunzel restroom. My favorite non-animated Disney character is Mary Poppins. My favorite Pixar movie is “Up.” My favorite original Mickey Mouse crew, character is Goofy.

Q: What music is your jam?
A: Pop punk, Newfound Glory, The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday

There you have it! A peek into the coolness that is Amy Poole. We’re so grateful to have her and her rad skills on Team Confetti Post. What about you? If you had a superpower, what would it be? Delivering The Confetti Post boxes at the speed of light? 😉 That way, we could send you all ice cream parties!


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