One Foot at a Time: Our COVID-19 response

UPDATED APRIL 22ND: Due to incredibly high demand, we are now instituting a daily order cap. We must do this so we can ensure we are able to provide the level of customer service you deserve. <3

  • Every morning between 9am and 10am EST, we will update stock and you will be able to place orders again for that day until the cap is reached.
  • Products will show "sold out" when the daily cap has been met.   
  • Teeny Parties and Original/Loaded Parties will have separate cap numbers. So it is possible for one size to meet its daily cap before the other.
  • We will adjust the amount of daily orders as needed until we figure out what is a sustainable amount of orders for us at this time. 
  • This is a temporary measure until it no longer is needed. 
  • Shipping and fulfillment will still experience delays as stated below.
  • Because of fulfillment delays, we will not be offering Express overnight shipping at this time.

To keep our small team safe at this time, you should expect delays in order fulfillment and shipping. For simplicity, please allow up to 1-4 days in addition to our posted shipping timeline for your gift to safely arrive.

    Dear Friends,

    I was so inspired by a customer's commitment to spreading sunshine recently, and encouraging her team to "Keep on Shining." It's times like now when we need to focus on kindness, love, compassion, and community more than ever.

    I am writing today to update you on how we are continuing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic here at The Confetti Post. We are committed to the health of our community and your community, and take this all very seriously. 

    In the face of difficult events, we pride ourselves on offering a small piece of happiness and love to others. We look forward to celebrating the special people in your lives by continuing to offer a quick, easy, and responsible way to spread happy near and far.

    As of Monday, April 20th we are reopening for business after a temporary closure that allowed us to follow the guidelines set out below and in effort to protect our team and communities. Here is some information about us, what extra steps we are taking, and what you can expect:

    • The scientific data behind mail delivery shows that it is safe to send and receive packages and presents no risk to our communities---or to Party recipients and their communities.
    • The Confetti Post is a very small team of three people. We work in a small building in a space that only the three of us have access to, no shared spaces whatsoever and have created a schedule in which we will all be occupying our work space at different times.
    • We have upped our normal hand washing and disinfecting procedures within the office and as we fulfill your orders, as well as following all guidelines recommended by the CDC.
    • If any member of our team comes in contact with someone who has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, we will temporarily close doors for the appropriate time as recommended by health officials out of an abundance of caution.
    • In the event of temporary closure or an employee's need to stay home, our team will still be paid and given opportunities to work from home.
    • Each member of the team is a mother of young children, and our school district has officially closed through the end of the school year. We are working creatively as a team to keep your orders moving out the door while caring for our families and observing social distancing.
    • Keep in mind, most of our vendors where we purchase products that are sold in our packages are small independent businesses who stand to be hurt the most by the current economic toll. Most of the products we source are made in the US or Canada. By sending a Confetti Post Party, not only do you continue to support our small business, but you in turn are supporting the near hundred other small business vendors from whom we source. 

    We will continue to follow the advice of local and national public health leaders. If at any time, we believe our employees coming into work puts our community or customers at risk The Confetti Post will temporarily close again for accepting orders.

    We all need some happy right now! As the customer wrote on that group of Parties headed out the door, "We will get through this together, but in the meantime please keep putting one foot in front of the other and have a party."

    Sending a big virtual hug,

    Leitia McHugh

    Founder and Owner, The Confetti Post

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    Yay! WE ARE OPEN.

    Hi Friend! In order to provide the best service, we are operating with daily order caps. New stock will become available daily between 9am and 10am EST until the daily cap has been met. Please also expect delays in order fulfillment and shipping at this time. Read our blog for more details on our current operations. Love and sunshine to you from Team Confetti Post!


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