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Our Favorite Gifts to Send Instead of Flowers, Happy Tears Guaranteed

16 Favorite Gifts to Send Instead of Flowers


Are you ready for our huge list of ideas to send instead of flowers---happy tears guaranteed? 

I love flowers. Really, I do. I really, really love fresh flowers.

But sometimes they are not the right sentiment. Sometimes I just need a new “out of the box” idea. Like I really want my gift to have an impact on the person I am sending it to. I want it to stand out in the crowd.  And hello, sending flowers can be so expensive especially for something that is not going to last very long! 

I have been thinking of ideas for months now, and finally came up with this big list of what to send instead of flowers----for lots of occasions: birthdays, funerals, congratulations, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and, well, you get the idea.

I kept this list of flower alternatives to simple mail order gifts for the most part. Because, let’s be real, life is busy and you need a gift to be quick and easy to purchase and send, but still reflect your thoughtfulness.

Seriously, you are the best and your gifts should reflect that!

Every item on this list of gifts to send instead flowers will have such a huge impact on the recipient. They will be screaming, crying, smiling, texting, and posting on Instagram that you are the best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, husband, auntie, coworker EVER!

Let me stop blabbing and get right to it!

1. Send a “Party” in the form of the cutest care package ever.

Cheer Up Gift Box_mail order gift alternative to sending flowers

Okay, okay. I am biased---but I think sending one of our “party in a box” care packages is the best idea to send instead of flowers. It is totally unexpected, original---and super fun.

Your gift is going to make them smile so big and have such a huge impact on the receiver. This fun gift idea works for so many different occasions and is super easy to send.

Bonus points: These cutie little mail order gifts start at only $25 shipped! And you can also Build Your Own to make it extra personal! Can you even believe it?

2. Send yummy ice cream.

Jeni's Ice Cream_alternative to sending flowers

Mail order ice cream is my personal “go-to” gift after our “Parties.”

Maybe it’s because I am ice cream obsessed? Or maybe it is just because ice cream is always the right sentiment whether to celebrate a happy birthday or promotion---or when you need to eat your feelings in pint form for times when life is hard.

Our favorite mail order ice cream has to be Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Everything is presented so well when the big orange box of ice cream lands on your doorstep. And the ice cream is amazing quality with many unique flavors to choose from.

3. Treat them to a day at the spa, massage, or yoga.

This has to be another favorite alternative to sending flowers---and again works for happy celebrations and hard life events both. Treat the person to some self-indulgent care.

Treating them to a day at the spa---or to a massage, manicure, or yoga class is a sure way to make them feel special and to help melt life’s stresses away.


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4. Send a comforting bowl of warm soup.

Send soup_what to send instead of flowers

Delicious soup really, really is soul soothing. We love the idea of sending yummy soup in the mail especially as a get well gift idea or as an alternative to sending flowers for a funeral.

Spoonful of Comfort totally nailed this service and made it so easy for you to order high quality soup straight to their doorstep. And the packaging presentation is killer!

5. Treat to a Professional House Cleaning.

Sign me up please! As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I will take the treat of a professional home cleaning over flowers any single day---and for every special occasion of the year.

6. Send magic in unicorn form.

send a unicorn_alternative to sending flowers

Our friends over at Send a Unicorn have made it super easy to let someone know how much magic they put out in the world. Such an adorable idea for what to send instead of a bouquet of flowers.

We like this cute gift idea for adults and kids alike. 

7. Create your own retro photo wheel.

Send photos_what to send instead of flowers

We love this fun retro photo reel. You get to put your own memories inside the reel. How fun is that?

8. Send a book of healing honey.

 send honey_what to send instead of flowers

I adore the idea of sending healing honey instead of flowers. And love the connection that honey still has to flowers even when looking for an alternative.

This "Once Upon a Hive" book of honey would make such a sweet gift. It includes nine sample honey jars, fairy tale packaging, and tasting notes for each honey variety.

9. Donate to a cause close to them.

We love the idea of donating to a cause near and dear to the person you want to treat.

This is our favorite idea as an alternative to sending flowers when someone loses a loved one. Identifying a cause related to that person who has passed and donating in their honor is a such a sweet gesture that will be appreciated by anyone.

10. Send a bottle of wine.

send wine_alternative to sending flowers

Do I really need to say more? Wine makes a great gift during happy life events like birthdays and anniversaries, and when life is hard as well like losing a loved one, divorce, and job loss. 

We are loving One Hope Wine, especially that Sparkling Rainbow bottle. Mega hearts eyes.

They package and send the wine perfect for mail order gifting. Plus they support a great cause with every purchase!

11. Send delicious brownies.

send brownies_alternatives to send instead of flowers

Encourage that lucky person to eat their heart out with delicious brownies.

We love Lucky Guy Bakery brownies made here in our home state of Indiana. They come packed up in cute boxes perfect for gifting right to their doorstep. 

Sadly, the above bakery has since closed, but the brownies at The Little Sugars look amazing!

12. Gift tickets to a show or concert.

We love experience gifts and think treating someone to a fun production or concert is a wonderful gift idea.


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13. Send their favorite candy.

send candy_what to send instead of flowers

Our friends over at Sugar Wish make wishes come true every single day in the form of sugar, sugar, sugar.

You just pick a price point, then they send an email to the recipient for them to pick out their own favorite candies.

Sugar Wish packs everything up inside a cute box and sends the candy straight to the recipient.

14. Give grocery/restaurant/gas cards.

Okay, maybe this idea feels boring?

Gift cards are always a great gift especially as a way to treat someone who has recently lost a loved one, is living life between hospital visits, or welcomed a new baby into their home.

Gift cards for food and gas are such a huge blessing. Always.

15. Send cute succulents.

send succulents_what to send instead flowers

Close to flowers, but not quite. Succulents are easy to care for, last a long time, and are totally on-trend. 

Urban Succulents has many cute arrangements packaged in containers for a long life of enjoyment. And they will ship right to their doorstep.

16. Send a simple greeting card.

Does it sound boring? Trust me. It is not.

Greeting cards are such a sweet and simple gesture---especially in this digital age. Adding a little heartfelt message takes it up a whole other notch.

Stumped on words to write when life gets hard? We have a blog post for that: What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say


Okay, now I am feeling encouraged to go forth, and spread some love, comfort, and happiness in the world with all these great alternatives to sending flowers.

Which idea do you like best? What other ideas do you have? Leave a comment, and maybe we will add your idea to the list.

Happy Gifting!

Leitia, Founder at The Confetti Post

Image showing encrouaging gift box with link to shop "more fun than flowers"


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