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Closing Sale - 30% off everything

Dear Confetti Post Friend, We are closing June 29th. Thank you for the best 8 years of sending happy. Enjoy 30% off to send one last "Party" or shop the Market to stock up on goods for yourself. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

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Multi-Address Checkout: How it works


Behold, the long-awaited Multi-Address Checkout!

If you've ever wanted to ship a Party to more than one person, here's your chance! We've been working behind the scenes to make gifting with The Confetti Post even easier. With Multi-Address Checkout, now you can send 2, 3, 10, or even more Parties in a single checkout process.

It's so easy to use:

Example Scenario 1: Say you want to ship identical Dream Team Parties to your whole team to celebrate a business milestone or send a Teeny Happiest Birthday to all the friends you invited to your virtual birthday party. Simply add one Party to your Cart, then click "Ship to Multiple Addresses" in the Cart. Click "Ship Another" for every address you need to enter.  

Example Scenario 2: Say Mother's Day is coming up and you want to ship a Party to Mom. Also, your girl Sarah's birthday is soon. Oh, and Lacey has been having a rough week and you want to cheer her up. Go ahead, add a Teeny Mother's Day, Loaded Happy Birthday (we go big for birthdays!), and Teeny Sending Hugs to your cart with items picked specially for each person. Click "Ship to Multiple Addresses" and fill out the address for each person.

Leave your unique gift message and delivery preferences for each recipient. We will send you a separate tracking email for each person when their Party ships.

Boom! Done. No more placing order after order one at a time. Sending happy just got so much easier!

P.S. We still recommend reaching out to us for orders over 15-20 as we can make the process even easier at this quantity. Learn more about bulk ordering here. 

Bonus NEW BYO Party Features

You may have noticed, our Build Your Own Party platform looks a little different lately. For the most part, it looks similar and acts the same. You will have zero problems navigating the new design. However, there are two cool new features we want to call out:

1: You can now filter products by theme and color! This can help you better navigate all the choices to fit the occasion and vibe you are going for as you build your gifts. 

2: Discount codes may now be used on Build Your Own! This is a feature we have longed for for years. Now, you know we are selective on issuing discount codes and mostly reserve them for that first order, but know when we offer promos in the future, your options will no longer only be limited to Pre-curated Parties. The options are endless!

Get started sending happy today with these fun new features! As always, please reach out with any questions.