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We at The Confetti Post are on a mission to spread happiness near and far with our party-themed gift boxes. Inspired by laughter, love, and parties, we have put parties in a box to help others celebrate their favorite people, even when miles separate them. We are all about sourcing fun gifts to create a personalized gifting experience.  

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Fun Facts

  • We have sent parties to over 40 states and 5 countries. 27 states in our first 27 days in business.
  • Two weeks after our launch, we were featured on the Nerdist, a comedy podcast with millions of downloads each month.
  • 10% of all profit goes to nonprofits who are on a mission to ensure every child's birthday is celebrated. Check out the awesome organizations: Box of Balloons and The Confetti Foundation.   

Featured Testimonials


"What’s great about your business is that it is a platform for love.  A person can take time out of their own life to send a note of encouragement, affirmation or apology.  Gifts, especially the small ones it seems, have incredible power.  Regardless of the tangible written message, the ethereal one is clear… ‘I thought of you - you matter.’  I stopped what I was doing today, what I was thinking about, what I was busy with, to focus on your needs.  Getting people to shift their focus away from themselves in today’s world can be difficult.  So, thank you!  Thank you for providing a place for others to give and love well." -Sarah


"My sweet sister was having a really tough week.  She lives two states away so there isn't a lot that I can do to help cheer her up.  I had heard about the Confetti Post from a podcast that I listen to and decided to give it a try.  I was delighted to find a nice array of options to choose from, good price points to work with and very prompt very personal service from Leitia.  I will very happily send this as a surprise gift to someone again and would encourage others to do so as well.  This really is a gift that says, 'I'm thinking about you, and I want you to know!'"  -Elizabeth


"Who doesn't love getting something in the mail? Especially this day and age? It's so convenient and the items are the cutest things of all time. My new favorite gift idea!" -Sloane

Press Releases

June 27, 2016 


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Founder: Leitia McHugh

Leitia spends her days balancing growing The Confetti Post and parenting two sweet littles (ages 5 and 2).  She loves ice cream, porch swings, and of course parties.  She calls Fort Wayne, IN home.

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