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"...instantly smiled and felt so loved."

"I recently moved from KC to the Indy area. When my birthday rolled around, it hit me hard when I realized it was my first I haven’t spent with my family in my 28 years. Much to my delight and surprise, I got a fun bright yellow box in the mail! Not even knowing it was from my sister, I opened it and instantly smiled and felt so loved. I can’t wait to share this joy with two of my best friends as we are all in different places now. I am reading a book called “Joyful” by Ingrid Fetell Lee where she talks about what brings us joy and why, and I believe 100% no one with a heart can see confetti and not smile! I just wish I was closer to Ft. Wayne to come visit! Keep up the great work of spreading JOY!!" -Ashley, Recipient

"In the endless desert of look-alike gift basket options, The Confetti Post’s Party In A Box and unique gift assortment is a refreshing oasis!"

"In the endless desert of look-alike gift basket options, The Confetti Post’s Party In A Box and unique gift assortment is a refreshing oasis! Sister loved her Birthday Party in a Box! Looking forward to sending our next party!" -Denice, Sender

"...radiates joy and shoots sunshine..."

"I'm telling you, The Confetti Post absolutely radiates joy and shoots sunshine directly from Indiana to recipients around the globe.  This is an easy-peasy way to send unique and thoughtful gifts to friends and family with just a few clicks." -Jennifer Dodds Fox, Fort Wayne Magazine

 "I never knew something so simple could turn my day around."

"About two months ago, I received the sweetest box in the mail. I had just gotten married, moved jobs, moved cities, left my friends, etc. A lot of exciting things were happening but I was still so sad to be leaving so many people that I loved. That is when I opened my mailbox and found the "PARTY". I never knew something so simple could turn my day around. Everything was packaged so perfectly. I did not want to eat the caramels or even throw the confetti because it just looked so cute! I took the box to my new school as I painted the walls and prepared for my new group of kids.  I did not want to "throw confetti" until the perfect moment came my way. I did however, go ahead and eat the caramels. I thought I could just have one but they were so good that I ate them all in two days and did not share even one with my husband. Anyways, all this to say that your business, your creation truly put a smile on my face and I live for uplifting others." -Natalia, Recipient

"...a platform for love."

"What’s great about your business is that it is a platform for love.  A person can take time out of their own life to send a note of encouragement, affirmation or apology.  Gifts, especially the small ones it seems, have incredible power.  Regardless of the tangible written message, the ethereal one is clear… ‘I thought of you - you matter.’  I stopped what I was doing today, what I was thinking about, what I was busy with, to focus on your needs.  Getting people to shift their focus away from themselves in today’s world can be difficult.  So, thank you!  Thank you for providing a place for others to give and love well." -Sarah, Sender  

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"...a gift that says, 'I'm thinking about you...'"

"My sweet sister was having a really tough week.  She lives two states away so there isn't a lot that I can do to help cheer her up.  I had heard about the Confetti Post from a podcast that I listen to and decided to give it a try.  I was delighted to find a nice array of options to choose from, good price points to work with and very prompt very personal service from Leitia.  I will very happily send this as a surprise gift to someone again and would encourage others to do so as well.  This really is a gift that says, 'I'm thinking about you, and I want you to know!'"  -Elizabeth, Sender

"...the right amount of feel-good sillies that I love plus products that I will actually use..."

"Oh my gosh! What an awesome surprise I got in the mail today! The 'get well' package was SO fun and just the right amount of feel-good sillies that I love plus products that I will actually use and can't wait to try! Not only is the gift amazing but I really appreciate you all thinking of me and taking the time to do this, it means so much!" -Lindsay, Recipient

"...she felt 'so warm and fuzzy with love.'"

"I absolutely love your care packages. They are a great way to show I'm thinking of someone and care so much, even when I'm away. I sent the Teeny Happy Birthday Box to my sister in law and she loved it, telling me she felt 'so warm and fuzzy with love.' No store bought gift could be better!"  -Leslie, Sender

"...worth every penny."

"I honestly always want to build care packages to send to loved ones. But it's the laziness or energy it takes to build one that keeps me from the follow through. This company totally answers my little dilemma. And even though it's a little expensive, knowing that it supports other small DIY businesses that are ethically curated makes it worth every penny. Plus, the quality of the boxes are so on point!!!"  -Rodelyn, Sender

"I now know any excuse is reason enough to send one."

"I was in need of a quick gift for two friends -- one who was starting a new job, the other was going through a difficult time. I had heard about the Confetti Post but hadn't had a reason to send one yet. I now know any excuse is reason enough to send one. Both of my friends were incredibly touched and their days were brightened by such a unique and personal gift. I highly recommend the Confetti Post to anyone. It's especially great for helping make friends who live far a way feel special."  -Anonymous, Sender


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