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Teeny Party Treat Options

Birthday Cake Pretzels

These Birthday Cake gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels are so delicious, they need to be eaten for any celebration. Three pretzels dipped in white chocolate and covered with vanilla cookies and rainbow sprinkles.  

Cup of Love Tea

Giving a Cup of Love is like sending a warm hug. Cup of Love tea is a mild, naturally sweet tea that helps reduce stress and induce happiness. Also, it is beautiful. The dried roses look like nature’s confetti. Includes 2 tea bags in a small gift box.

Mouth Party Caramels

It's a party, IN YOUR MOUTH!  Mouth Party Caramels are made in Baltimore, MD with a 4-generation old family recipe. These caramels are unlike any you've ever tasted. They are rich, creamy, soft, and velvety. These caramels come in a five pack of assorted flavors: Original Caramel, Salted Caramel, and OMG! (soft caramel blanketed in smooth milk chocolate and dusted with fleur de sel on top).

Organic Gummy Bears

Delicious gummy bears in a mix of Boysenberry, Blackberry & Raspberry flavors. They are kosher, gluten free, gelatin free, preservative free, pesticide free, nut free, GMO free, vegan, tree nut free, no corn syrup, and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Phew! Almost a health food if you ask us. Comes in a 3 oz. pouch. 

Sprinkle Chocolate Pretzels

These sprinkle covered gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels are perfect for any occasion. Everyone knows, sprinkles make everything better. Three pretzels dipped in milk chocolate and covered rainbow sprinkles. 

Oatmeal Cacao Clean Cookie Bites

Clean ingredients, nutrient dense, and tasty - Clean Cookie Bites are as delicious as regular cookies, but without any added sugars, preservatives, or flavors. These quarter sized spheres of deliciousness are made to grab and go. Perfect snack to keep in diaper bags, hiking bags, book bags...basically any and all bags. Gluten and dairy free!

Biltong Beef Jerky

South Africa's version of beef jerky. Stryve high quality steaks are seasoned with signature dry rubs, air-dried to perfection. Stryve biltong is 100% beef with no sugar, all natural, all flavorful. Always air dried to lock in flavor and nutrients. This Original classic is flavored with garlic, clove, nutmeg, coriander, and pepper. 2.25 oz. package


Cup of Sunshine Tea

Brighten anyone’s day with a Cup of Sunshine. Cup of Sunshine Tea is made from turmeric, ginger, and Malabar peppercorn. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory goodness and helps build your immune system. Includes 2 tea bags in a small gift box.

Party Time Popcorn

Yes, "party time" popcorn is a real thing. This artisanal popcorn “takes the cake” with white chocolate drizzle and candy confetti. 3 oz. "Cutie" Bag

Bourbon Dark Chocolate Bar

Raaka Chocolates age single origin Tanzanian cacao in bourbon casks for two months, creating a deeply nuanced bar with a cocktail-like vibe: oaky and smooth, with a hint of cherry cordial on the finish. Raaka chocolate is made with unroasted cacoa beans resulting in a bold, bright, and fruitier flavor than most chocolates.

Pink Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar

Fruity, complex, and classic in flavor. Made with single origin cacao and sprinkled with Peruvian pink salt. Raaka chocolate is made with unroasted cacoa beans resulting in a bold, bright, and fruitier flavor than most chocolates.

Mexican Cha-cha Chocolate Cookies

These delicious Mexican Chocolate cookies come with a little kick. Perfect with a glass of wine! Adorable petite two pack. by Lark fine Foods.

Coconut Butter Cookies

This yummy Coconut Butter Cookies are crisp with just the right amount of sweet and hint of tropical. A perfect tea cookie! Adorable petite two pack by Lark Fine Foods.

Spiked Espresso Marshmallows

An intense coffee flavor is met with a touch of coffee liqueur all turned into a fluffy marshmallow cube of joy. The lightly boozy bite is held between two dark chocolate cookies. Basically, a modern s'more with a buzz. Comes as a pack of two sandwiches.

Sparkling Champagne Bears

Pop the bubbly and celebrate with Vegan Sparkling Gummy Bears by Squish. White wine flavored perfect for all celebrations! 4.2 oz. package.

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