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Birthday Wishes Card

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4"x 6" matte printed "Birthday Wishes" greeting card.


Yay, you! It’s your happy day! Your very own party in a box. Someone believes in you, believes that you should be celebrated.

So put on your party hat. Pop that confetti. Take a moment to be carefree. Do a party dance. Eat a sweet treat. Smile real smiles. Do it alone or do it with other party people. Whatever you do, party happy!

This item is only available as an "add-on" gift inside one of our pre-curated or build your own "Party" gift boxes and cannot be purchased independently. Wanna send a gift? Shop here.



“No other gift box service has been as easy or affordable, with great options plus customer service."

Allyson L.

“Excellent quality, great customer service + happy friend - what else do you want? :-)"

Emma B.

"Perfect gift just to cheer someone up and remind them how amazing they are."

Richelle M.