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12 Best Work-from-Home Employee Gift Ideas

Being a work-from-home employee can be so isolating.

When you're a leader for remote employees, it’s challenging to find ways to make team members feel valued and celebrated. You want to ensure that your people are getting the recognition they deserve—but if they work from home, how do you do that? 

The Confetti Post gift box company is full of ideas to help you make remote employees feel celebrated and part of the team. Our party in a box” gift boxes are a great way to send gifts directly to your work-from-home team members' doorsteps. 

Our gifts are not your typical “gift box.” They are an experience. We call them Parties. A Party because our gifts are meant to celebrate your favorite people, give them an excuse to let loose, have some fun, and know that they are cared about. We live by the mantra that “Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be boring.”

Dream Team: Several gift boxes lined up with colorful gifts and a Dream Team gift message card all inside opened yellow gift boxes

The “Party” starts the minute the gift hits the gift recipient’s (in this case, a remote employee) doorstep arriving in a bright yellow box meant to build mystery and excitement. Each gift box is filled with confetti, a balloon, a special greeting, and fun and useful gifts to fit the theme. Some of our favorite gifts for remote employees are the Dream Team, Great Job, or Yay You!

When you are looking to build community and connection with work-from-home employees, you need a gift filled with heart and meaning—not something basic and boring like a generic gift card or fruit basket.

We offer gift boxes for all kinds of situations—from "you're working so hard" to "you're celebrating a birthday or promotion" to "thanks to you, we accomplished this goal." 

Actually, let’s go ahead and dive into all the best ways we love helping companies celebrate their remote employees.

Birthday Gift Box filled with card, candle, treats, balloon and socks on colorful backround with birthday hat and candles that say Happy Birthday

1. Wish a happy birthday

Recognizing special days like your virtual employee’s birthday goes a long way in making them feel valued. At The Confetti Post, we specialize in birthday gift boxes so we are brimming with ideas.

Liberty Mutual sends our Loaded Birthday Party to their work-from-home team. They send us a spreadsheet quarterly, and we assign the dates to our rotating calendar. We ship the gift boxes to arrive around the employee’s birthday with a little sticker that says Do Not Open Until “Your Birthday.”

Looking for something a bit more budget-friendly? Try our Teeny Happiest Birthday Gift Box.

Small gift box on colorful backgrounf open and filled with Sprinkle Pretzels, confetti, balloon and lip balm: New Hire Gift Idea

2. Onboard new hires in an exciting way

Say "Welcome to the Team" with a Party!

We work with Nova 401(k) and Gap, Inc. to send new-hire gift boxes on an as-needed basis. Their team celebrates by sending our Teeny Cue the Confetti Gift Box to welcome new work-from-home employees and in-person employees as well. 

There's nothing like making a new hire feel valued and celebrated from day one.

Canrnival themed custom gift box filled with pink marshmallows, popcorn, playing cards, confetti, balloon and gift message with company logo: Custom Corporate Gift Box Idea for Virtual Employees

3. Have fun with special company events

There comes an extra challenge when you have a team of hybrid employees. Many team members work in person and many work from home. It can be too easy for your remote employees to feel left out from day-to-day relationship building and from company celebrations. 

The Confetti Post can work with you to create a gift box experience that lines up with an in-person event or celebration. For example, we recently worked with Impact XM on a project just like this. 

Their leadership team planned a big Carnival-themed celebration for their local employees to celebrate a huge milestone 100th anniversary. Their creative team reached out to us at The Confetti Post for help. We created a company anniversary celebration gift box to match the theme of their in-person celebration as a way to include their remote employees in the fun.

We created a carnival-themed Party gift box on a tight budget including Kettle Corn, Cotton Candy Marshmallows, and fun circus-themed playing cards along with carnival ticket strips, and a personal message to join in on a virtual game meeting with fellow remote employees! This was so much fun.

Got a special event coming up and looking for ways to bring the fun to your work-from-home employees? Reach out and let’s see what we can create together!

Thinking of You Sunshine Gift Box held against yellow wall and filled with yellow gifts: Remote Employee Gift Idea for Hard Times

4. Pay attention when times are hard

Part of making remote employees feel valued is making them feel seen as an individual, not just lost in a sea of other work-from-home employees. Noticing when things are hard can go a long way in building relationships.

Did they catch the flu? Send a Feel Better Gift Box.

Is their kid having a hard time at school? Send a gift to say “I am thinking of you.

Family pet passes away? Sending Hugs will do the trick. 

Gift box on red background filled with leather coasters, date night passport, cookies, playing card, wood heart and happy couple card: Engagament Gift Idea

5. Pay attention when times are good

By contrast, you should be finding ways to celebrate your remote team members when times are good for them in their personal lives as well. Recognizing special events and celebrations in your virtual employees’ lives lets them know you care and makes them feel like they matter.

Did they buy their first house? Send a housewarming gift box celebration!

Announced they are engaged? Say cheers to the Happy Couple.

Run their first marathon? Send a little gift box to say “you rock!”

Holiday Christmas Gift Box for Employees: Red gifts and background, gift box with Merry Everything Candle, Red Bath Bomb, and chocolate pretzels

6. Wish a happy holiday

Find ways to stand out and wish a Happy Holiday! You can’t always host an in-person holiday party when many of your team members are remote. Show your year-end appreciation from afar with our thoughtfully curated and oh-so-festive Holiday gift boxes. 

Let us help you bring the holly jolly to your remote employees including a delightful assortment of treats, personalized goodies, and festive surprises. Sending a memorable Party with The Confetti Post will be sure to make your virtual team’s Holiday merry!

Lined up open gift boxes on a white and black background, filled with custom greeting card with logo, confetti and gift cards: Best Ideas For Remote Employee Gifts New Year Gift Boxes

7. Say Happy New Year

Not wanting to get lost in the sea of red and green around the Christmas holiday? 

Stand out by sending your virtual team New Year’s Gift Boxes instead. You can stick to the New Year theme OR choose a different theme and focus your message on appreciation for a year of hard work and peace for the upcoming year.

Or try what Impact XM did. They created their own “personality quiz” to send to their remote employees to choose their New Year celebration gifts. Each “personality” result matched up with a different The Confetti Post gift box

For example, did your answers end up that you love a good cocktail? You received a Happy Hour Party Gift Box. Is your New Year vibe a bit more relaxed and looking for pampering? You received the Spa Party Gift Box and a Massage Envy Gift Card.

The remote employees were also matched into a virtual party meeting with the other teammates who matched their personality type where they opened their Confetti Post Gift Boxes together. How fun is this idea for your work-from-home employee gifts?

Work Anniversary Gift Box on a yellow chair filled with games, ice mold, confetti and cheers card

8. Celebrate work anniversaries

Celebrate your remote employees for all they do to make your workplace shine! Recognizing a team anniversary goes so far in making your virtual team members feel valued and appreciated. Sending one of our Party gift boxes is a simple---and easy---way to celebrate.

Like with birthdays, we can set your employee anniversary gifts up on a rotating calendar to help make your busy life easier. You will fill out our spreadsheet template with your team member's name, address, and anniversary date. We will do all the rest by ensuring a sweet gift from your company lands on their doorstep within a few days of their work anniversary. 

We do all the work, you get all the credit.

Gift Card with logo for custom company gift box

9. Make a special company announcement

Sending a custom gift box with The Confetti Post is such a fun idea for both in-person and virtual employees. Let us help you make a big company announcement that deserves a huge celebration.

We worked with PrimeWay Financial to make a big secret company announcement. (We are good at keeping secrets!) Together, we created a celebratory gift box to announce to the team members that Primeway Financial had been named one of Houston's Top Places to Work! 

Whether in-person or remote, employees can open their gifts together at the same time—and pop those confetti poppers together. Such a fun way to celebrate a big company announcement! Reach out to set up a custom gift box for your work-from-home employees.

Yay You Congratulations Gift Idea: person holding open gift box on couch

10. Recognize job promotions

When your team members work hard enough to move up the ladder, they deserve a Party! Celebrate those big job promotions with one of our gift boxes. We think the “Yay You!” sentiment works the best for employee promotions.

Remote employees will be delighted to receive a sweet and thoughtful gift that lets them know you value all their hard work!

11. Simply say “You are doing a great job!”

Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a special season or reason to say “You are doing great!” to your employees. When working remotely, those moments you may say “Great Job” in person often get overlooked. 

There’s no way to bring an extra latte in the morning after you know they stayed up late to meet that deadline. You need a way to show appreciation that can be sent directly to their house—and The Confetti Post is here for these moments

Our Teeny Great Job Party gift box is a simple way to ensure your virtual employee’s hard work is seen and recognized. You can even pick a treat you know they’ll love and add extra personalized gifts.

open gift boxes lined up in a row with Hip Hooray Greeting Cards by a Yay Pillow: Best Ideas for Work From Home Employees

12. Celebrate big wins

At The Confetti Post, we are all about celebrating the big and small moments in life. Nothing deserves more celebrations within a company than meeting big wins.

Meet a huge sales goal? Score a big client? Roll out a new program? All of these and more are reasons to celebrate your remote employees with a fun gift box.

We especially love sending our Dream Team Gift Box when your whole remote team works hard to meet a company or team goal. 

Thank you gift box surrounded by tissue pom balls: 12 Best Remote Employee Gift Ideas

If you're looking for ways to thank your remote employees or just want a way to show them how much they mean to you, look no further than The Confetti Post. Our gift boxes are just the thing to celebrate your virtual employees for all the big and small wins.

Our friendly customer service team is here to help! Feel free to place orders directly online as needed or reach out for a bit more of a custom experience, like adding logos, bulk orders, rotating calendar setup, and/or including custom gifts.

When using our website, note the features we have created to make your corporate gifting experience easier:

  • Build Your Own Party: While we have a pre-curated gift box for nearly every occasion, you might want to pick and choose your own gifts for a more personalized gift box for your remote employees. Our Build Your Own Party gift box builder was created for just this reason. Follow the prompts step by step to create the ultimate celebration for your team!
  • Multi-address Checkout: This feature can be found on the Cart page. This allows you to order a gift box for multiple employees all in one simple checkout experience. You can even personalize so that each person’s gift message is different. Click the checkbox to activate.
  • Custom Corporate Gifting: Our customer service team is here to help. If you need to send more than 10 gifts, want to know about customization, or are finding yourself limited by stock quantities directly on the website, reach out so we can help. We will suggest substitutions, provide you with easy ways to input bulk shipping addresses, or whatever it takes to help you celebrate your remote and in-person employees. Our Corporate Gift Guide is also available to help you learn about employee gifting options. 

12 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Work-from-home employees with The Confetti Post Gift Box Company: Image of yellow gift box on a blue background with rainbow confetti scattered around

Overall, we hope this list of 12 best ideas to celebrate and gift your remote employees is helpful!  Business productivity increases by over 30% when your employees are happy.

However, creating connections and care with virtual team members can be so challenging. The Confetti Post gift box company is here for you, here to help you send happy to your employees in unique and fun ways.

What is your favorite way to show you care to your work-from-home employees?


Team Confetti Post

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