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Closing Sale - 30% off everything

Dear Confetti Post Friend, We are closing June 29th. Thank you for the best 8 years of sending happy. Enjoy 30% off to send one last "Party" or shop the Market to stock up on goods for yourself. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

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What's happening with USPS First Class Mail?

On October 1, USPS is changing First Class Mail delivery from AIR to GROUND transportation. USPS says this will increase reliability for all mail services. More information on this change straight from USPS.

What does this mean for your packages?

  • USPS First Class (free with Teeny Parties): Delivery times could stay the same or be longer. The closer the destination, the shorter the travel time. Think of a similar timeline to UPS Ground. From our HQ in Indiana, midwest and east coast deliveries should remain in the 2-3 day estimates USPS provides. Further west will take 4-5 business days.
  • USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day) should remain unaffected. For western US deliveries, we will be more apt to recommend upgrades for Teeny Parties if you want faster deliveries.
Because our estimated timeline has a built-in buffer for delays, our estimates will not change immediately. Over time, if we see reliability increase in all mail services, we may be able to shorten our estimates with the confidence USPS is meeting on time delivery consistently. If we do not see reliability improvements, we may add a couple days to First Class estimates.

What do we think?

We choose to be optimistic that this will make USPS delays more rare, and increase our ability to accurately predict mail delivery dates. We appreciate your patience as we monitor the roll out of this change with USPS!

Why will The Confetti Post continue to rely on USPS?

  • For our five years in business (with few exceptions November-February 2020/2021), the US Postal Service has been just as reliable as UPS all things considered. In most cases, packages travel faster across the country with USPS Priority than UPS Ground at similar rates. All other mail services come with significant price increases.
  • No other mail carrier offers a mail service to compete with USPS First Class. USPS First Class is typically fast, and offers small package rates at half the cost of the nearest competitor. At the core of our Teeny Parties is providing you an affordable surprise to celebrate your people and that means us offering you an affordable and reliable delivery service. The US Postal Service is far superior when it comes to small mail pieces.
We will continue monitoring to ensure we are proving the best delivery options possible!
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