Breakin' it Down: 10 New Party Packages

We are so so thrilled to have recently expanded our Party package selection with TEN NEW THEMES. We have added new packages here and there throughout the past (almost) 3 years---but never have we added so many at one time! Our priorities were to offer you all a bigger selection when sending a gift to a friend, and wanted to keep many of these new items as options for any occasion:

Birthday? Check
Promotion? Check
Just because? Check

We were also really excited to finally expand the themes in our Teeny Party collection. The Teeny Parties are so well loved because it is darn near impossible to find a mail order gift that is also inexpensive. (Trust us. We have searched high and low.) Sometimes you want to send a little cheer without dropping $50 or more for the occasion. We love that we were able to find a way to create a mail-order gift at that $20 mark. So here we are, more options for you and your happiness spreading needs.

Stop Everything and Dance

Dance Party Cheer Up Gift

Why we love this Teeny Party? Life is hard and sometimes the best thing to do is dance it out.
Who we want to send it to? We are sending this one to our friends experiencing hard life things. We want them take a pause, let out a deep breath, then bust a move.
Our favorite add-on to pair with this package? Pink Ofabz Pom Pom Earrings

Spa Party

Spa Gift Box_Birthday Gift

Why we love this party?
The idea of a Spa Party takes us straight back to middle school sleepovers. And a sleepover with best friends sounds like the best thing ever.
Who we are sending to?
This one goes out to all the Moms who are doing a great job and deserve a self-indulgent day to themselves.
What's inside? Lovely Tub of Coconuts Bath Potion, Royal TreatMINT Tea, Vitamin C Face Mask, Old Whaling Company Body Butter, Confetti Popper, Balloon Note

Forever Love

Forever Love Long Distance Gift Package

Why we love this Teeny Party? The sentiment is so simple-yet so strong. It's a perfect way to send a little love when you are stuck apart.
Who we are sending this to? Our long distance significant others
Our favorite add-on to pair with this package? "Love you this much" pin

Hello Handsome

Hello Handsome_Gift for Long Distance Boyfriend

Why we love this party? It's so sleek! It is the perfect pair to our popular Hello Beautiful party, and the perfect way to spread love to all the hunks in our lives.
Who are we sending to?
This one goes out to our good looking significant others. And also, to our adult sons out in the world who are missed extra hard.
What's inside? Black Momento Notepad by Letterfolk, Drifter old west themed premium playing cards, Mexican Cha-Cha Chocolate Cookies, Confetti Popper, Balloon Note

Oh Baby

New Baby Gift Package

Why we love this Teeny party? This design is an update to our existing Oh Baby party, and it is freaking adorably perfect.
Who we are sending this to? Our friends who just announced they are expecting!
Our favorite add-on to pair with this package? Peanut Butter Cups for the parents to enjoy

Tea PartyTea Party Birthday Gift Idea

Why we love this party? This is a Team favorite. We think a cup of tea equals happiness, so it's a perfect way to spread joy. It is packed with four tea flavors to try, three delicious cookie flavors AND a beautiful tumbler to take your cup on the go. I mean, what's not to love here?
Who we are sending this too? EVERYONE! Ok, well at least our tea loving friends and friends who like to enjoy and explore new treats.
What's inside? Tea Drops sampler box with pressed leaf teas, three Flavors of Lark Fine Foods cookies, pink or floral travel mug by Corksicle, Confetti Popper, Balloon Note

Make a Wish

Make a Wish Birthday Box

Why we love this party? Birthday wishes are our favorite wishes, and we want to help make them come true.
Who we are sending this to? Anyone and everyone with a birthday.
Our favorite add-on to pair with this package? Damn, You're Old Pocket Viewer

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day Birthday or Congrats Gift Box

Why we love this party? This is what we were created for, celebrating life's happy days.
Who we are sending this to?  We are sending to our newly engaged friends and friends who just earned a big promotion.
Our favorite add-on to pair with this package? Smiley Face Coin Pouch

 Forever Young

Forever Young Birthday Gift Box for Him

Why we love this party? It is so colorful! And reminds us of carnival fun.
Who we are sending this to? We like to send this one to those hustling in the office. We think it would be so fun to add a bit of joy into the work day.

What's inside? Handmade wooden slingshot with felt ball ammo, Jungle themed premium playing cards, Poppy Popcorn Mix, Confetti Popper, Balloon Note

Bridesmaid Party

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box

Why we love this Teeny party? There is no better way to ask your best friends to join your bridal party than sending them each a sweet little party in a box.
Who we are sending this to? Isn't it obvious?
Our favorite add-on to pair with this package? Mimosa Gummy Bears

Great Job

Great Job Customer and Employee Appreciation Gift Box

Why we love this party? Everyone could use a little encouragement, and we think this sentiment is great.
Who we are sending this to? Parents who need encouragement and our co-workers and employees that we appreciate so very much.
Our favorite add-on to pair with this package? Rose Earl Grey Tea Drop

 I know you are just dying to spread some happy with one of our new packages, so hop to it. 



 P.S. Which Party are you digging the most? Leave a comment and let us know. 



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