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Confetti Inspired DIYs (The Ultimate List)

We kind of have a thing for confetti IF you haven’t noticed.  I mean, really, it’s in the name.  And our hand-cut confetti is included in every single gift package.  Confetti is just one of those things that instantly conveys: PARTY!  It is so colorful, happy, and fun.  Something about watching it fall down through the air just makes you smile. 

I have rounded up 13 Confetti DIY projects from around the web.  Most of them are super simple, and just the thing to add a little color and happiness to your every day.  I am completely okay with you making them and sending them to The Confetti Post HQ.  *wink wink*

1.  Confetti Chargers

DIY Confetti Chargers

These fun chargers are hand-painted using a simple Q-tip as a paint brush.  The easy thing about confetti? No real precision needed. The more variation, the more realistic.  These chargers are the perfect thing to brighten up any dinner party. (via Sugar and Cloth)

2. Confetti Chair

DIY Confetti Chair

I drool over this confetti chair.  I really want one on wheels for my desk chair. (via All She Wrote Notes)

3.  Confetti Drink Umbrellas

DIY Confetti Drink Umbrellas

Beautify any cocktail, or just your everyday glass of H2O. (via Tell Love and Party)

4. Confetti Tote Bag

DIY Yay Confetti Tote Bag

The cutest little party tote.  Looks really easy too! (via Kin Community)

5. Confetti Soap

DIY Felt Confetti Soap

These confetti soaps would make such a fun gift, and the felt exfoliates too! (via A Kailo Chic Life)

6.  Confetti Coasters

DIY Confetti Coasters

One of my favorites on the list.  It looks like a more labor intensive project than some of the others on this list, but they are so cute.  It would be worth it. (via Best Friends For Frosting)

7.  Confetti Bracelets

DIY Confetti Bracelets

Bye bye string friendship bracelets, hello confetti friendships bracelets.  Why only make one when you can share? (via So Best Friends for Frosting)

8.  Confetti Bowls

DIY Confetti Bowl

Seriously thinking about one of these to spice up my work desk. (via Vjuliet)

9.  Confetti Tumbler

DIY Confetti Drink Tumbler

The perfect tumblers to carry a little party everywhere. (via Studio DIY)

10.  Confetti Catchall!)

So simple and pretty. (via Oh Joy!)

11.  Confetti Dipped Shoes

DIY Confetti Dipped Shoes

These crack me up and make me smile.  They may be trouble though, as I am sure you will be leaving little pieces with each step.  However, maybe not so bad to leave a little happy everywhere you go. (via The Confetti Bar)

12. Confetti Filled Vase

DIY Confetti Filled Vase

What a pretty way to spice up a plain clear flower vase.  The confetti vase may steal the spotlight from the gorgeous flowers however. (via The Confetti Bar

13. Confetti Phone Case

DIY Confetti Phone Case

This DIY is insanely simple.  I could not get away with it as my cell phone requires full armor all the time. But maybe the less clutzy, you could pull it off! (via The Lil Things)

You will find a little confetti in any of our gift packages to add color and brighten days.  At this time, we do not sell it individually because there are so many other cute places that do!  I recommend Knot and Bow and The Confetti Bar for all your confetti DIY needs.

But when you need a little something to cheer up without any of the DIY work, our Party Care Packages (confetti included) are always here for you!

Which confetti DIY is your favorite?

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