Spread Love Campaign (and Giveaway)

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In the words of one of my favorite children’s book characters, Cuddle Bear, “The world needs hugs to make each day feel bright.”  We can’t spread hugs over the Internet, but we can spread stories of love, kindness, and encouragement. 

Let’s face it.  This world is filled with a lot of darkness and negativity.  But we also know it is filled with goodness and light.  And we are here for you.  We created The Confetti Post to help you celebrate life and celebrate the good that surrounds us.  

We know goodness needs its place to shine!  So are you ready for our biggest giveaway yet?  We even partnered with two other lovely companies to get you extra prizes. 

You’ve seen that phrase “throw kindness around like confetti” floating around the internet, right?  Well, we want to spread stories of love, hope, and goodness like confetti.  Messy, beautiful out of control confetti.  We want these stories to fill all the spaces.  We want them to be hard to contain and clean up.  We want the stories to fall in a colorful shower.  We want them to cause smiles and happy tears.

Not only do we want to hear your stories, we want to help you spread some love and happiness too.  That is where the prizes come in.   We are giving away 5 parties total for you to spread a little sunshine to some people that deserves a party.  And goodies from a couple other small businesses who are doing their part to spread light:

  • So Worth Loving began from the founder’s Tumblr blog, and led to her spray painting the phrase “So worth loving” onto already loved pieces of clothing.  So much inspiration was born out of these three words, and it has turned into an apparel brand and a community of passionate individuals. 

From So Worth Loving:  We exist to embrace your past and empower your future. We believe no matter your history, past mistakes, religion, career choice, or relationship status, you are worthy of love. We focus on living life through the lens of knowing you have value and you have worth.  So whenever you wear a piece made by So Worth Loving, you are reminding the world of a message that we so often forget: you are valued. You are loved. You are worth fighting for. 

  • SoloHope began out of love.  Love for a country.  Love for people.  The founder formed such a deep love for Honduras and the stories of its people.  She then began building relationships to create a brand market in the US with beautiful handmade products by a small group of women in rural Honduras.  They started with two artisans, and now employ seven!  Currently, their products are made of pine straw and thread.  Their accessories and home good products are beautiful and on trend.  Their goal is to renew hope for women living in poverty, in a relationship based way using locally available materials through intentional trade.  This nonprofit right here, is an example of exactly what we want to spread.  Stories of hope and love.  A model that truly is shedding light! 
  • And just in case you are new here, The Confetti Post is an online gifting company.   We create the most fun "party-themed" care packages to help you celebrate and encourage your favorite people. We believe everyone deserves to be celebrated, everyone deserves a break from the busy world, and everyone deserves to party a little.  We refer to our packages as "parties in a box" and live by the mission to spread happiness and send smiles to doorsteps.  

Are you ready to spread some love and kindness? 

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • 1 Ice Cream Party from The Confetti Post
  • 1 Shine Bright or Keep on Shining package from The Confetti Post
  • 1 (choice) Teeny Party from The Confetti Post
  • $50 shop credit to So Worth Loving
  • $25 shop credit to SoloHope

Second Place Winner:

  • 1 (choice) Teeny Party from The Confetti Post
  • 1 "Love You.  Love People." keychain from So Worth Loving
  • 1 “heart” from SoloHope

Third Place Winner:

  • 1 (choice) Teeny Party from The Confetti Post
  • 1 "Love You.  Love People." keychain from So Worth Loving


Enter your email address into the form below to enter.  BOOM!  You now have 2 entries,

Then you will see a list of more ways to enter, including our favorite "share a story."  Tell us about someone you admire for showing kindness or a personal encounter you had giving or receiving kindness, love, or encouragement.  Anything from local news stories to an encounter with a stranger at the grocery store or how someone in your family shows love.  This can be one sentence or a huge write up.  

Our other favorite way to enter is sharing with your friends.  You can really rack up a lot of entries by having your friends sign up with your unique code.  And we really want to spread happiness all over. 

Let’s spread more kindness and encouragement, and less fear and hate! Let’s bring stories of hope and goodness into the light. I am so excited to hear your stories!

Big hint:  The way to get the most entries is to share with your friends.  Every friend that signs up using your special entry code gets you TEN additional entries!  So if 10 friends sign up, you get 100 more entries. 

I will be sharing my favorite stories as the giveaway goes on.  You have two weeks to enter, giveaway ends August 22nd at 11:59 PM EST.  Winners announced on August 23rd.  


Spread Love Campaign

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