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Dear Friends, Thank you for the BEST eight years of sending happy. It has been such an honor to help you celebrate your people. Wishing you all the best. Feel free to reach out to us via email with any questions.

With Love, Leitia / Founder


Say Hello: New Cheer Up Care Packages

Introducing TWO new Parties for cheering up your friend going through a hard time.  Knowing how to cheer up a friend can be so hard to do, but these two gift packages are sure to help.

Cheer Up Gift Idea: Keep on Shining Care Package

First up, our Keep on Shining Party package got a fresh new look.  The new shining star in this package is the "One Foot At A Time" socks from People I've Loved.  Also available are a pair that say "You Got This."  Of course, find the essential Emergency Clown Nose, cheerful pom pouch, choice of Balloon Note, classic confetti popper, and either chocolate covered pretzels with rainbow sprinkles or a Cup of Sunshine tea.  But I recommend both treats of course.  The cool thing about this new version is that I worked super hard to find the perfect products---but at a lower cost point for you.  That means this cheer up "care package" is a whole $10 less than the previous version!  Go send some cheer up love.
This next package was inspired by a few things, and I dubbed it the Party Pooper gift package.  This gift is for when you want to keep your cheer up gift slightly sarcastic, and for the friend that deserves to self indulge in her own pity---a pity party if you will.  I had already been playing with the idea of a "Party Pooper" theme when my good friend sent me a message suggesting a sarcastic package.  She was thinking a little more sarcastic than I went, but I am starting here.  What do you think, sarcastic enough or should we go a step further in the future?  
Pity Party by Oh Happy Day
This theme was also inspired by Oh Happy Day's Pity Party (pictured above) featuring a banner reading "Everything is the Worst."  Ummm...I want to throw that party every time I am sad and eat tons of ice cream.  The final push to create this theme came from the included "F-Bomb" bath fizzer by da Bomb.  It was too perfect NOT to build a care package around.
So here she is, the Party Pooper Care Package for that someone who is having a rough time.  This gift package is designed for the ultimate Party Pooper when you simply want to help her self-indulge in a little pity party, but also encourage her to "get over it" and move on.  Perfect for break ups, not getting that job, and other things that make us sad.
Cheer Up Gift Idea: Party Pooper Care Package

Find "Tissue for your Issues" vintage inspired hanky for crying her eyes out.  It is her party after all!  Next, find pink "Get Over Yourself, Cupcake" pencils, F-Bomb bath fizzer with a calming message inside, and pinot gris wine lollipops because she so needs those.  Of course, all this topped off with our signature confetti popper filled with black confetti and a Party Pooper Balloon Note.  

Okay, go cheer someone up in a super fun and unique way.  Shop cheer up gifts here.

Love Always,

Leitia, TCP Founder


PS If you made it through this, I suggest you go listen to the classic, "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To."


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