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Closing Sale - 30% off everything

Dear Confetti Post Friend, We are closing June 29th. Thank you for the best 8 years of sending happy. Enjoy 30% off to send one last "Party" or shop the Market to stock up on goods for yourself. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

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Let's Love Disaster Victims Together

Hello Friends,  

In light of recent natural disasters around the world, we will be donating 100% of profit to disaster relief agencies for the entire month of September.  This is your chance to give double the love by sending a care package to brighten someone's day while supporting families on the road to recovery and in the midst of crisis. Here is a little more information in an effort to provide full transparency:

Where will these donations be going?

Donations will be going to Nomi Network's India Flood Relief fund, Team Rubicon, and Mercy Corps.
Nomi Network is a non-profit economic development agency fighting human trafficking in India and Cambodia.  Their base is in Bihar, India one of the hardest hit cities by recent catastrophic floods.  They are currently providing emergency aid and shelter, and because of their long established work in the region, they are well positioned to provide continued recovery. 
Team Rubicon is a US based non-profit that unites the skills of military veterans with first responders to provide emergency relief, rescue, and recovery both within the US and abroad.  They are currently active in Houston and preparing for Hurricane Irma, as well as providing assistance in the aftermath of a wildfire in Colorado.
Mercy Corps is an international relief organization working with local communities and markets to bring lasting recovery to people in crisis, including natural disasters, famine, conflict, and more.  

What does "100% of profit" mean?

In this scenario, we will be calculating profit as the following:
Sales-(Cost of Goods + Operating Expenses)-Postage Costs=Profit  
No amount will be removed for salaries or wages.  Typically, this means roughly 30% of the price you pay for a package will be donated.  

When will the funds be donated?

At the latest, donations will be sent by October 31st. 
Thank you for being my partner in taking small steps to take care of our neighbors.
With Love,
Leitia McHugh
TCP Owner
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