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Say Hello: Food Themed Gift Parties

Hooray for the newest batch of parties all lumped into the limited FOODIE COLLECTION!  I have been mulling over this collection for some time. I knew I would bring the Ice Cream Party Gift Package back from last year.  I firmly believe that ice cream equals happiness, and we clearly have to make a big tribute to its magic for summertime.  Also, I love cheesy puns---and just had to add in the pizza, watermelon, and donut themes too.  So here is it, a collection dedicated to everybody's favorite party foods.

This collection features an Original and Loaded gift package based around ice cream goodies.  It rounds out with three Teeny Parties formed around the custom watercolor illustrations by Jordan Kurzen of Hello Jordan Art---all with adorable food characters and sweet greeting puns.  The parties can be used for any occasion: birthdays, cheer ups, anniversaries, to show thanks, and so much more.  

One In a Melon gift package

You're One in a Melon, Teeny Watermelon Party

Let the party person know he/she is "One in a Melon" with this too-cute-to-handle watermelon themed gift.  Choose comfy and cute watermelon socks or adorable stud earrings.  Both topped with a large watermelon lollipop!

Pizza my heart pizza pun gift package

You Have a Pizza My Heart, Teeny Pizza Party

The ideal way to let someone know they have a "pizza" your heart.  You even get to choose the pizza themed gift that suites the recipient best: pizza stud earrings, "Pizza Money" coin purse, and/or "Pizza Expert" button pin.  And yes, this party actually comes with a pizza flavored lollipop.  No comment on whether that tastes good or not. 

Donut Worry Pun Gift Package

Donut Worry, Be Happy, Teeny Donut Party

It's hard not to smile in the presence of delicious donuts and rainbow sprinkles.  This donut themed package is just perfect for putting a smile on someone's face.   Gifts to choose from include donut stud earrings and a donut "tasting journal."  The journal is so fun, and encourages a donut "crawl" of sorts---try different donuts at different places.

Ice Cream Party Gift Package  

I Scream For Ice Cream, Ice Cream Gift Package

We believe ice cream can make bright days brighter and dark days a little less dark.  Send this ice cream party to anyone to make their day a little more happy.  We have paired delicious toppings with spunky party goods to create the sweetest party for one.  Our only regret?  We can’t add a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

Ice Cream Party features a "flight" of goat's milk caramel sauce, all natural chocolate and white chocolate sprinkles, pastel rainbow colored mini balloons, fun confetti popper, "Enjoy" paper dish, wooden spoon, and a playful "Keep Cool" ice cream notepad.  

I Scream For Ice Cream, Loaded Ice Cream Gift Package

Loaded just means we made the effort to pack the party with extra goodies to really show you care. This party includes all the items in the original version PLUS a fun ice cream dish towel, the best ice cream scoop in the entire world, and an ice cream lollipop.

Our promise:  There is no better gift for anyone who loves ice cream.  And who doesn't love ice cream?

So what do you think?  Who are you itching to spread some yumminess to?  You can shop the full collection of gifts by clicking here.

Cheers, Leitia


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