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Creating the Perfect Birthday Care Package

Looking for a fun way to surprise a long distance loved one on their birthday? 

Putting together (or let's be real, just buying) a birthday care package is such a fun way to make their special day bright.  A much more fun gift to send instead of flowers or boring fruit baskets.

  • It’s your child’s first year away at college, and it's their birthday.  It’s killing you not to be there with them, to get a little cake with some candles, to sing happy birthday, and make their day special. 
  • Or your best friend lives across the country and you just do not know how to make their day perfect…when the thing you want more than anything is to be there with them. 
  • Or worse, your significant other is deployed with the military, and you miss him or her like crazy and just have to make their birthday special. 

Why not put together a birthday care package---or even a birthday party in a box?  Such a personal way to make his or her birthday feel special, even across a whole lot of miles. 

You can do the work yourself, or use a business that already does the work for you---like us at The Confetti Post.  We make the most fun and personal care packages found anywhere.  We even dub them “parties in a box” to make them perfect for all celebrations---but especially long distance birthdays. 

Here are seven categories we believe make up the perfect birthday care package---plus all the places you need to find them.  

  1. Birthday Candle

Candles on top of brownies |  Ideas to include in a birthday gift package

Obviously, every birthday care package needs to start with a candle to help make all their wishes come true.  Our pre-made birthday package comes with a super cute ombré one from Knot and Bow.  We also love the sparkler candles from Tops Malibu.


  1. Something to wear---so everyone can spot the birthday person

Birthday Headband | Creating the Perfect Birthday Care Package Gift

Everyone’s gotta know whose birthday it is!  Plus the birthday boy or girl needs a prop for all the photos they will be snapping of their fun birthday care package that you sent them.  We love the paper crown for ruling the day found in our birthday care package.  Also dig birthday headbands from Bracket and   A classic birthday party hat from just about anywhere will do the trick though.


  1. Something SweetBirthday Cake Pretzels | Sweet Treat for a Birthday Gift Package

It’s not a birthday without a treat, am I right?  Every birthday care package has to come with one.  We think snacking frosting from Frost’d is perfect for birthdays.  Also, digging birthday cake caramels from Sugarfina and birthday cake chocolate covered pretzels from Fatty Sundays.


  1. Something personal      

Cozy Socks as a Personal Birthday Gift

Every birthday care package needs a sweet gift that can be cherished for years to come.  They need something that helps them remember your kind gift.  A personal piece of jewelry would be oh so sweet.  Or a fun personalized mug!  We love the cozy socks found in our birthday care package.  They come in birthday blue and sunshine yellow---and help the party person carry the party everywhere they go.


  1. Something fun                                                            Birthday Monster Enamel Pin | Birthday Gift Package Idea

Not that this entire package isn’t fun enough already, right?  But that special person definitely deserves another fun gift!  How about a confetti pouch to take the party wherever they travel?  Or this fun birthday monster pin?  We love the “Little Book of Happy Things” notebook in our current birthday care package.  Just so much sunshine and happiness!


  1. Confetti and balloonsConfetti and Balloons to put in Birthday Gift Package

Duh!  What’s a birthday without confetti and balloons to really make it a party to remember.  All of our gift packages come loaded with confetti and a balloon---with a fun message on it. 


  1. Fun Packaging

Fun Birthday Care Package packaging by The Confetti Post

You can’t just throw this all in a tacky USPS mailer envelope can you?  No way!  You could however load everything in a box, and wrap it in fun wrapping paper.  We love wrapping paper from Wrappily.  Or decorate with stickers or bows?  We wrap ours all up in fun party tape, along with a “Psst….There is a Party in this Box” sticker to create extra anticipation.

So is your brain spinning with ideas? 

Or are you just overwhelmed about piecing the perfect birthday care package together? 

This is literally one of my favorite things to do---and why I started The Confetti Post.  So feel free to let us do the work and check out all of the fun packages that we think make great birthday gifts for long distance friends and family. 

I am just giddy thinking about all the fun combinations for creating the perfect birthday care package for your friends and loved ones. 

What kind of items would you want to receive in a birthday gift package? 

Seriously, I gotta know!

Cheers, Leitia, TCP Founder


Image Credits: 1-4-7-The Confetti Post || || 3-Fatty Sundays || 5-Bash Party Goods || 6-Knot and Bow

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