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Reflecting and Looking Forward

Thought I would drop in to wish you all a Happy New Year!  This first year launching The Confetti Post has been such a whirlwind.   And it just keeps getting better. 

I wanted to take a moment to give a huge THANK YOU to you, for supporting this idea and for spreading so much happy all over the world with Confetti Post “party in a box” care packages.  You make the world such a beautiful place!

Also want to take a moment to reflect on our first year (err 10 months) in business---and give a glimpse of what to expect this year.

First, let’s recap some highlights of 2016:

  • In March, The Confetti Post went live. (Talk about HUGE leap of faith!)
  • In May, we sold out Mother’s Day packages five full days before the ship deadline.
  • In June, we launched a brand new website and updated our product offerings after all your amazing feedback.
  • In November, we released our brand new packaging:  the happiest box to ever hit mailboxes or doorsteps for sure.
  • We sent Parties to 44 states and 11 countries!
  • Thanks to you, we have already far surpassed all projected sales and social media presence goals created for our full first year.  (We passed these around month eight!)
  • Most importantly, you have sent hundreds of love filled gifts to create big smiles for so many people.

 Alright, now let’s look ahead.  In 2017, expect:

  •  more fun themes in the coming months.  Maybe even a little quirky, most definitely “magical,” and totally "pun."
  • more add-on options for parties of all sizes.
  • exciting partnerships.  (If you know other bloggers, influencers, or brands that would work well with The Confetti Post brand, be sure to let us know.)
  • packages for more holidays throughout the year.
  • a rewards program to celebrate those of you that send the most happiness.

Also, we are totally going to hit all 50 states this year, right?  (We still need Montana, Kansas, Mississippi, Vermont, Hawaii, and Alaska.  *wink*wink*)


What do you think?  Are you feeling excited?  What do you want to see from The Confetti Post in 2017?


Cheers to you,

Leitia McHugh

TCP Founder

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  • YAY! love this … and you!


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