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The Confetti Post is no longer accepting online orders

Dear Friends, Thank you for the BEST eight years of sending happy. It has been such an honor to help you celebrate your people. Wishing you all the best. Feel free to reach out to us via email with any questions.

With Love, Leitia / Founder


So. Much. New.

Welcome to The Confetti Post 2.0.   The Confetti Post launched just over 3 months ago, and boy, do you all like to party!   Once I realized you all had mad love for The Confetti Post, I decided it was time to make some updates I had been wanting to AND took time to listen to what you loved and where you thought we could improve.  That brings us to today.  Below I have highlighted all the changes to our gift boxes and website.  Warning: We made a lot of changes and this blog post is super long.

Teeny Party Makeover

  1. New packaging and customization: The number one feedback I got was “more customization” for Teeny Parties.  So we redid the packaging so we could fit a little something extra inside each Teeny Party.  No box inside of a box any longer. One box announcing the party as soon as it lands in the party person’s mailbox.  Now you have four treat options to choose from when you pick your party, and you can also add one additional gift to the party to make it a little extra special.   Do you love that?  We’ve added yummy fruit candies, soothing teas, party perfect lip balms, a super fun emergency clown nose, butter cream icing face cream, and other fun extras to make every day a party.  What do you think?
  2. Four new themes:
    1. Sending Hugs: For the just because gift, a cheer up, an encouragement gift, a unique way to show sympathy, and simply to show you care.
    2. Yay Yay Yay: For any and every celebration you can imagine. A perfect gift for engagements, anniversaries, new babies, new homes, birthdays, and so much more.  Similar use as our Cue the Confetti, but a different style.
    3. Oh Baby Baby! A sweet little gift package to send to a new mom or dad, or the expectant parents.  Comes with a choice of the cutest wooden teethers.  But don’t forget to add a treat for the special parents too!
    4. Fiesta: For a limited time, send a teeny piñata in a box.   OMG This teeny piñata is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

Original Parties for One for Every Occasion

We’ve kept your favorites: Happy Birthday, Hello Beautiful, Ice Cream, and Party Animal, and added a lot more.  Pretty sure you will find a gift package for every occasion you may be searching for.

  1. Hey Mama Hey: Obviously, this gift box is for the new mom or expectant mom.  Meant to celebrate both mom and baby, packed with goodies for both to enjoy.  This is a perfect gift to send if you have to miss a baby shower.  Imagine how special the Mom will feel!
  2. Welcome Home: A housewarming party in a box.  Do you remember your first piece of mail when you moved into your new home?  I was so excited, and mine was just a bill.  Imagine how much more fun a party on your doorstep would be!  Pretty sure this is the perfect housewarming gift.
  3. Happy Couple: A fun gift for engagements, marriages/weddings, and anniversaries too.  I especially love the idea of sending this package straight to the couples new home together.  Maybe even slated to arrive just after the honeymoon.
  4. Shine Bright: This gift package was designed as an encouragement box, but we also think any occasion is a good day to send party vibes and to say “you are an amazing human being.”
  5. Keep on Shining: Here is our new cheer up box, which was highly, highly requested.  Same contents as Shine Bright, but different description card.  This gift is perfect for saying “you will get through this, and I care about you.”
  6. Feel Better: The perfect care package to take care of your friend who just had surgery, broke a bone, or is fighting the nasty flu. 
  7. Yay, You: What better way to say congrats than with a party!  A great gift to congratulate for that job promotion, graduation, or a job well done.
  8. Happy Birthday-Play!: Pretty much like our Happy Birthday, but designed more as a birthday care package for all the men in your life.  It works for anyone though!

Introducing the Loaded Party for One

We add a few Loaded Parties that really help you go all out for that special occasion.  Loaded Parties are just like our Original Parties, but packed with extra parties goodies.  There is a Loaded Party for the birthday girl, new mom, new home, and the happy couple.  So much fun in one box!

New Website

Our new website makes everything easier for you and us too.

  1. Customer Accounts: We always prefer you order one party per transaction.  And it seems once you send one party, you keep coming back for more.  Now you can create an account that securely keeps all your information on file.  It makes check out a breeze!  And all you have to do is log in to track your party.  Click here to create yours.
  2. Max word count. When you enter your personal message for the party person, our new form will now cut you off when you meet your character limit.  No more copying and pasting your message into Word to make sure you do not go over the limit. 
  3. Add-ons: It is now easier than ever to customize your package with suggested add-ons on each product page. 
  4. Navigation: Our Parties are now categorized by occasion.  So you can click the occasion you are searching for, and see all of our recommend parties.  Also, you can organize by price, popularity, and more.
  5. More email updates to keep you in the know every step of the way. You will even get an email at the precise time your party hits the party person’s doorstep.  How exciting is that?
  6. There are a few other new touches so take time to explore, and have fun. Ask questions. Party happy!

What new feature are you the most excited about? Leave your comment below.  And of course, spread the love and tell all your friends about The NEW Confetti Post!


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