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Why Shop Small?

Here at The Confetti Post, we believe spreading happiness involves curating products that come from happy beginnings.  We are passionate about small businesses and ethical sourcing.  That is why nearly all of our products are sourced from small, independent makers.

We are small, and we support small.  But why does that even matter?  I spent some deep time coming up with a list to share with you on why I believe so passionately about “shopping small.”  There are loads more reasons, but these ten hit home for me the most. 

1.  Know where and how your products were made. 

Increasingly so, we are often far removed from the products we consume.  Products are imported and manufactured all over the world.  Because of that removal, we do not have knowledge of how our products are made.  Unfortunately, that often means unethical labor conditions for the makers of our products.  Being close to the end result often helps bypass unfair working conditions. 

2.  Support individuals instead of big corporations. 

By shopping small, we are spreading wealth into the hands of many instead of the hands of the few at the top. 

3.  Find items you will not find elsewhere. 

Small businesses add vibrancy and are leading innovators.  By shopping small, we encourage multitudes of people to create.  Competition and diversity means more choices!

4.  Value and fuel passions. 

Many small makers are creating products out of love and passion, not just to make money.  When you support small, you are helping someone continue to do what they love.

5.  Build relationships.  Gain experiences. 

When you shop small, you often build a relationship with the maker.  Small businesses are also more likely to hire employees knowledgeable on the products being sold.  Not only are you buying a product, you are buying valuable information.  

6.  Makes local economies more fun, diverse, and interesting. 

When you shop small, you are creating vibrant communities.  Small makers are adding value and character to the places they live and work.  Small businesses are more likely to utilize other small and local businesses in their communities.  Think of your favorite places to visit.  They are towns with vibrant local restaurants, shops, and activities.  Am I right? 

7.  Create jobs. 

Want to know something crazy?  Small businesses are the biggest employers in the US, accounting for 2/3 of all new jobs created.  Since 1990, big businesses have eliminated 4 million jobs nationally, while small businesses have added 8 million.  (Source.)  All this despite anything the big retail stores may tell you. 

8.  Helping local economies thrive. 

48% of small business purchases are recirculated into their local communities, versus only 14% bought from large chains.  (Source.)  You are helping communities and neighbors thrive. 

9.  Be good to the environment. 

Small businesses are more likely to exist in city centers instead of on the fringe, thus preventing urban sprawl.  Also they are often more conscious of their direct environmental impact.  Most of The Confetti Post's makers actively create with reducing environmental impact at the forefront of their production practices.     

10.  Do good. 

Over 90% of small businesses volunteer time, give in-kind donations, or direct cash donations to nonprofit organizations.  (Source.)   There is a statistic floating around the web that small businesses show 350% greater support for nonprofit organizations, but I never found the source.  However, there is data that shows as businesses get bigger, their giving decreases.  (Source.)  Many of The Confetti Post's suppliers are giving significant amounts of profit to nonprofits (like we do!) and some have programs that create positive social change built right into their business models.  

What am I missing?  Why do you choose to shop small?   

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